26 comments on “Samsung SGH-T989 Galaxy S II Teardown

    • It doesn’t matter if it is LCD or AMOLED, if there is enough impact to it, it will crack. AMOLED is fused to the thin glass and it can be cracked. As you can see in the picture of the phone which I repaird, the glass was fine, but the AMOLED is cracked from drop.

  1. What if just my glass screen over the OLED is broken. So my OLED and digitizer are fine. Is there any way I can remove my broken glass without damaging the OLED screen? Reason being I have already purchased the glass screen. Tho there are no wires attached to the new glass screen it did come with what I believe is an adhesive. Seems to me I should have purchased the screen with the attatched OLED.

  2. where is the best place to by the lcd part all I can find is from hong kong not sure about ordering from china

  3. What kind of adhesive should i use for the new screen? and is it possible to switch up the bezel as well?

  4. I was wondering if there was a way to replace just.the top glass if my lcd and touch screen arent damaged, just the glass lens

  5. i got t989 cracked lcd bottom buttons light up do i need to just replace lcd and do you do that or sell the parts

  6. Hello, I have sgh t989 with 4 navigator buttons not working. Is it likely that replacing this flex cable ribbon with sensor would fix the problem?

  7. I got new screen. To install new screen, do I have to heat it up or just press on. During removal, I mess up the keypad. I did order new one. Do I have to apply a heat to attach the keypad?. Thank you.

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